Lance-Bombardier James Henderson Dickson


Unit : "C" Troop, No.2 Battery, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment

Army No. : 884436

Awards : Military Medal


This N.C.O. of 'C' Troop, 2 Battery, accompanied Lieutenant Donaldson to a 6-pounder gun whose crew had been wiped out by a Tiger tank during an attack on C Troop's position. He layed the gun under heavy Machine Gun fire and fired eight or nine aimed rounds at the tank before the gun was destroyed by a direct hit. He then picked up Lieutenant Donaldson who had been stunned and carried him under cover and after a few minutes accompanied Lieutenant Donaldson to No.1 Gun of C Troop which was still in position although the crew had all been killed.


This gun was under heavy Machine Gun and small arms fire, but nevertheless, acting as layer he fired four aimed rounds at the tank before all armour piercing shots was expended. He was then ordered to destroy the gun by Lieutenant Donaldson. This he refused to do and continued to fire high explosive at the tank whilst Lieutenant Donaldson went in search of more armour piercing shot. When this arrived he fired more shots at the tank, laying along the bore, and succeeded in breaking its tracks before his gun jammed. Lance-Bombardier Dickson then suggested that he should go and fetch a PIAT from his Troop wagon lines. This he did and together with Lieutenant Donaldson engaged the tank but without success. Throughout the whole of the action carried out under heavy Machine Gun and small arms fire, Lance-Bombardier Dickson showed devotion to duty and determination to destroy his enemy of the highest order.


See also: Lt Donaldson.


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