Sergeant Herbert Wright Carrier


Unit : No.2 Section, No.4 Platoon, "B" Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 4622101

Awards : Military Medal


During the advance to Arnhem on Sunday 17th September, Sergeant Bertie Carrier received a slight bullet wound to his elbow during a brief skirmish with the enemy. For his actions during the battle at the bridge he was initially recommended for the Distinguished Conduct Medal but was in the end awarded the Military Medal:


During the period 17th / 21st September 1944, Sergeant Carrier took part in the fighting for the main road bridge at Arnhem. On the morning of the 18th September, his Platoon was cut off from the remainder of the Company. Sergeant Carrier nevertheless succeeded in fighting his way through with a small party and joining up with the main force. He was then given command of two forces defending an important house in the company sector. Largely as a result of his personal example and determination this house was held against repeated enemy attacks until it was eventually set on fire. In the confused fighting which followed Sergeant Carrier on several occasions took command of scratch formations which he led with the utmost skill and determination.


Throughout the entire operation his personal example and gallantry was an inspiration to all those who came into contact with him.


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