Driver George Fairs


Unit : Headquarters Platoon, 9th (Airborne) Field Company

Army No. : 1864388

Awards : Military Medal


George Fairs had taken part in the 1st Airlanding Brigade's assault on Sicily, in June 1943, but like so many others his glider landed in the sea and he spent several hours clinging to the half-sunken wreckage of his craft before being rescued. At Arnhem he was awarded the Military Medal:


Driver Fairs is medical orderly of the unit. During the period 19th-24th September 1944 when the company was holding part of the perimeter defences of Oosterbeek the position was continually under mortar fire and men were continually being wounded. Driver Fairs rendered first aid to every casualty immediately they occurred. He never hesitated to run to the aid of a man whatever the danger from mortar bombs or small arms fire. On the 24th September he was wounded by a splinter but carried on for some time, rendering first aid until he himself was evacuated to hospital. By his complete disregard for his personal safety he showed a magnificent example of fearlessness to his comrades and his immediate first aid to the wounded under fire certainly saved at least three lives.


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