Sergeant Frederick John Petrie


Unit : 553rd Field Company, 43rd (Wessex) Division

Army No. : 1882994

Awards : Military Medal


Sergeant Petrie's conduct throughout the campaign has been outstanding. When his platoon was working on the routes and crossings over the River Odon, they were under frequent and heavy mortar fire. Sergeant Petrie was always out with his men and his encouragement of them aided considerably to the success of their part in the operation.


During the bridging of the River Seine at Vernon on the 26th August, Sergeant Petrie went out on to the half completed bridge to bring in a wounded officer although the bridge was under heavy aimed small arms fire at the time.


During the evacuation of the 1st British Airborne Division and 4th Dorset from Arnhem across the River Neder Rijn on the 26th September, Sergeant Petrie took the first boat across the river on the 4th Dorset front; the position of the enemy was known because of fire coming from the far bank and the boat itself came under machine gun fire. Only two men were found and these were brought off. Later Sergeant Petrie volunteered to take another boat over although it seemed fairly certain that the enemy were in strength on the far bank.


His example and fortitude both under fire and at all times have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to his fellows.


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