Flight Sergeant Frederic Ross


Unit : 190 Squadron, 38 Group

Service No. : 1517239


Flight Sergeant Ross was shot down on the 21st September 1944. The following is his M.I.9 evasion report jointly given with Sergeant Alfred James Smith:


Date of Birth : 25 Feb 18.

R.A.F. Service : Since 10 Oct 41.

Peacetime Profession : Engineering.

Private Address : 6 Police Station, Morpeth, Northumberland.


Other members of the crew:

F/O FAVIEN, A. (pilot) (safe in Holland)

F/Sgt HAINES, L.W. (bomb aimer) (fate unknown)

F/Sgt BROWN, J. (gunner) (safe in Holland)

F/Sgt STONE, F. (flight engineer) (safe in Holland)

F/Sgt T. REEVES (wireless operator) (believed killed)

Name unknown (despatcher) (fate unknown)

W.O. (name unknown) (bomb aimer) (fate unknown)


We left Fairford about 1200 hrs on 21 Sep 44 to drop supplies in Holland. After dropping our load we were hit by Flak and attacked by enemy aircraft, and were forced to bale out. I landed North of Haren (N.W. Europe, 1:250,000, Sheet 2a, E 45) and was immediately surrounded by Dutch people. They told me that my flight engineer (F/Sgt Stone) had landed close by and was wounded. They took me over to him. While I was with F/Sgt Stone a tank reconnaissance outfit arrived and gave him medical aid, but could not take us with them as they were going forward. Then a man, who was a member of the Maquis, came in a car and took us to the civilian hospital at Oss (E 45). While I was there our troops arrived, so I joined them, and was subsequently sent back. I left F/Sgt Stone in the hospital at Oss.


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