Lance-Corporal Ernest Hamilton Hewitt


Unit : No.3 Platoon, 21st Independent Parachute Company

Army No. : 1443162

Awards : Military Medal


On the 23rd September 1944 this N.C.O. was manning a bren gun in a house which was largely destroyed by a heavy mortar. Although buried in the debris and suffering from an injury to his back, he extricated his gun and brought it into action again. On the 24th September in the morning he was wounded but refused to leave his position. Finally he led his section out over the river though barely able to walk.


Lance-Corporal Barclay, also of No.3 Platoon, advises that the above description may not be accurate: " appear to have been concertinaed somewhat. They did not necessarily take place on 23 and 24 September as depicted. {I} vividly remember being one of several people who assisted Jock to walk out on the final withdrawal on night of 25/26 September as Jock had multiple shrapnel wounds from airburst mortar bomb in his legs and thighs. Despite much pain, he made it."


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