Staff-Sergeant Eric John Holloway


Unit : No.10 Flight, "G" Squadron, No.1 Wing, The Glider Pilot Regiment

Army No. : 3968405

Awards : Military Medal


Staff-Sergeant Holloway and his 2nd Pilot, Staff-Sergeant Mark Leaver, flew a Horsa glider, Chalk Number 1003, to Arnhem with the Second Lift, carrying a Jeep, trailer, explosives, and five men of the 261 Field Park Company RE. For his actions during the Battle, he was awarded the Military Medal.


During the period September 19th to 25th, Staff-Sergeant Holloway commanded a Section in a house in the area of Oosterbeek. He showed great courage in patrol work. When the enemy launched their first big attack against the gun positions he kept up effective fire with a Bren gun throughout the time the house was being demolished by a self-propelled gun at point-blank range. By remaining at his post he was largely responsible for breaking up the enemy attack. His complete disregard for his personal safety saved what might have been a serious break-through by the enemy.


Staff-Sergeant Holloway was fatally wounded by a shrapnel burst on the 20th September 1944, although his grave in the Oosterbeek Cemetery records it as the 18th September.


See also: S/Sgt Leaver.


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