Corporal Douglas McGrath


Unit : No.17 Platoon, C Company, 2nd Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment

Army No. : 5386902

Awards : Distinguished Service Cross


On 20th September, an enemy sniper established himself in a position dominating the Platoon area and caused casualties, there was some danger that the men's morale might be affected. Corporal McGrath at once went after the sniper and after stalking him for half an hour killed him at close range with his sten gun. While in charge of his section at Oosterbeek a little later he was wounded by an enemy mortar. In spite of a painful wound in the back he would not go to the Regimental Aid Post until ordered to. Later the enemy attacked and took a position between the Regimental Aid Post and Corporal McGrath's original position. With great initiative and disregard for danger Corporal McGrath returned to duty by getting through the enemy lines. Due to casualties in reforming his own Unit he was left alone with his Bren Gun which he continued to fire against increasing opposition and heavy attacks from tanks, Self-Propelled Guns and infantry. He was successful in holding off the enemy attack by this action. His complete disregard for personal safety and his devotion to duty was an inspiration.


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