Lieutenant Donald Kenneth Edwards


Unit : No.17 Platoon, "C" Company, 2nd Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment

Army No. : 295840

Awards : Military Cross


On 18th September 1944, after landing, Lieutenant Edwards was ordered to take his platoon to unload a glider containing a Jeep and two Vickers guns. This glider was under fire and it was found that it was not a tail-unloading glider. With great coolness Lieutenant Edwards arranged for covering fire and calmly proceeded to saw the tail off, eventually getting the Jeep and guns out. Shortly afterwards, again under fire, Lieutenant Edwards organised the rescue of two wounded glider pilots and got them to safety.


From 20th to 25th September, Lieutenant Edwards' Platoon was in a defensive role in the Border Regiment area, under almost continuous enemy mortar, shell and small arms fire and tank and infantry attacks. Lieutenant Edwards was not satisfied with merely holding the position but went over to the offensive, counter-attacking the enemy whenever they infiltrated. He personally led many sorties into houses into which the Germans had penetrated and killed a considerable number of Germans at comparatively slight cost. On one occasion during an enemy attack, when the situation was critical he personally seized a Bren gun and wiped out a whole party of Germans at short range.


Throughout the action Lieutenant Edwards magnificent aggressive spirit and outstanding leadership were an inspiration to all. The actions referred to above took place in and around OOSTERBEEK, near ARNHEM.


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