Captain Christopher John Salter MacMillen


Unit : 1 Forward (Airborne) Observation Unit, RA, attached to Headquarters, 1st Airlanding Brigade

Army No. : 65826

Awards : Bronzen Kruis


Captain MacMillen was the gunner Forward Observation Officer attached to 1 Airlanding Brigade to shoot the guns of 30 Corps in support of 1 Airborne Division at Arnhem. He was in 1 Airlanding Brigade Headquarters from September 21st to 25th when evacuation took place. Captain MacMillen was without relief and was on duty day and night. He carried out his duties so well that immediate response was given to all calls for fire. His position was subjected to very intense fire from mortars and guns, but in spite of the great personal danger in which he stood, his direction of fire continued without fail. At one period, during a particularly heavy bombardment the area of Captain MacMillen's post was continually hit, one of his signallers being wounded. The guns continued to shoot with devastating effect on the enemy, this being largely due to the determination, skill and perseverance of Captain MacMillen, who throughout the action displayed the greatest tenacity of purpose and personal bravery.


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