Sergeant Charles Abel Thomson


Unit : "A" Troop, 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery

Army No. : 759664

Awards : Military Medal


Sergeant Thomson commanded two gun detachments of the 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA. On the 21st September 1944 his position West of Arnhem was attacked by enemy tanks and infantry. Although the area was under concentrated observed Machine Gun and mortar fire, Sergeant Thomson with complete indifference to his own safety, moved from gun to gun encouraging and assisting the detachments under most difficult circumstances. Later he took the place of a wounded layer and knocked out an enemy Self-Propelled Gun at very short range.


Sergeant Thomson's cheerfulness and leadership proved invaluable throughout this engagement. His gallantry and devotion to duty was undoubtedly a contributing factor in repelling the attack.


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