This picture was taken in Arnhem on the morning of Tuesday 19th September by a Luftwaffe photographer, or Kriegsberichter, named Jacobsen, who, with Erich Wenzel (right, with the wine bottle), were from a Propaganda Kompanie attached to Luftlotte 3. They arrived in Arnhem on this day and began to document the battle with this 2cm Flak 38 gun, sited on the corner of Johan de Wittlaan and Boulevard Heuvelink. This was one of four guns, another can be seen in the background, from Deelen Airfield which were transferred to the 9th S.S. Panzer Division's Flak Abteilung on Sunday 17th September to assist with anti-aircraft cover but also to guard against a possible break-out from the Bridge by the British troops there. Jacobsen and Wenzel spent the next 48 hours in the area and shot several rolls of film, of which six have survived more or less intact.