"B" Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion, at Spalding Grammar School, Lincolnshire, probably taken in July 1944. Click here for a full-size (365kb) photograph. Copyright: Chris Chandler.


Back row (left to right): Unknown, Wally Farrow, F. A. Tedds, Spilletit/Stelisie?, Walter Stanley, Unknown, Gordon "Curly" Harding, "Nobby" Clarke?, Unknown, Unknown, Wright, Unknown, A. "Bert" Newman, Unknown.


Fourth row: W. "Bill" Davies, Fred Pirie, D. Gillies, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, G. Brown, Unknown, K. Collins, Unknown, G. R. "Ginger" Marsh (Signals), Unknown, Unknown, Paddy Grealy, Private Willy Tatnal (KIA 18/09/44), Bruce?, O. Loyd, Unknown, Tom Humphries?, Unknown, Unknown, Evens?, W. V. Williams, Unknown, Harry Marsh, Unknown, G. Wright, Unknown.


Third row: Cyril "Yorkie" Nightingale, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Cpl W. Bryning (RAMC), Vic Hughes?, Unknown, A. "Bert" Felton, Alf "Cory" Farnfield, "Jock" Little?, Unknown, Private H. "Dusty" Rhodes (KIA 18/09/44), C. E. "Peddler" Palmer, "Babe" Williams?, Unknown, "Nick" Nicholls?, A. G. "Jock" Gordon, Private Alfie Decker (KIA 18/09/44), B. J. D. "Bert" Stidson, Unknown, Gordon Penfold, Private Harry Stott (KIA 19/09/44), Private Fred Hopwood (KIA 18/09/44).


Second row: Corporal Harry Whitehead(KIA 24/09/44), A. "Mac" Gaitero, Sergeants A. Thompson, R. "Busty" Higgins MM, D. "Tug" Wilson MM, R. "Lofty" Harris and G. "Jock" Allen, Lieutenant G. Hill, CSM Reginald Allen (KIA 19/09/44), Major Peter Waddy (KIA 18/09/44), Captain Geoffrey Dorrien-Smith (KIA 21/09/44), Lieutenants E. "Jimmy" James MC and Jimmy Cleminson, Sergeants A. C. Hughes, Mark Pryor, Jimmy Routledge, J. "Brainty" Branthwaite MM, Ivor Royles MM, W. "Wally" Wallis and Harry Parker MM, Private A. "Smiley" Pearce, Corporal Benjamin "Sammy" Cope (KIA 17/09/44), Duncan Brown.


Front row: C. Stone, Unknown, Unknown, Joe King, C. Rolfe, Unknown, Tom Halley-Frame, Henry Bennett, C. "Wag" Saunders, J. Dunlop, Unknown, Unknown, Tom Davis, Cyril Tolcher, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, C. "Charlie" Perry.