Men of the Provost Section, 1st Parachute Battalion, in Barletta, Italy, 18th November 1943. Larger image. Copyright: Susan Nash.


Back row, left to right: Corporals Leslie Alfred Nash (KIA 17/09/44 when with No.3 Platoon, "R" Company) and E. J. "Nobby" Hall (Wounded at Arnhem and escaped on Operation Pegasus) and Private W. "Dagwood" Doggett (served with the Medium Machine Gun Platoon at Arnhem and was evacuated across the Rhine on the 25/26th September 1944).


Front row: Lance-Corporal Paddy Ryan (No.7 Platoon, "S" Company at Arnhem, evacuated across the Rhine), Sergeant Frank "Panzer" Manser (No.7 Platoon, "S" Company at Arnhem, wounded and escaped on Operation Pegasus), RSM D.J. "Mick" Jordan (with Base at Arnhem), Sergeant A. Beech (HQ Company at Arnhem, evacuated across the Rhine), and Private J. A. Harvey (Assault Platoon at Arnhem, may have been evacuated across the Rhine).