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When we think of Britain in the pre-Roman era, possibly the first and only image that comes to mind is of Stonehenge. Yet the British landscape is covered with thousands of Stone, Bronze and Iron Age monuments that are, in some cases, equally remarkable, and, in all cases, almost unknown by comparison. Included amongst these are similar henge monuments, burial chambers, settlements, hill forts, chalk figures, and much more besides. The purpose of this website, though starting from small beginnings, is to photograph and document as many of these sites as possible, and in so doing help to raise greater awareness of the rich legacy of the Ancient Britons.


All text on the site Mark and Derek Hickman. All photographs Mark and Emma Hickman unless otherwise stated. If you have any comments, or would like to contribute any photographs or information to the site, please write to Mark Hickman at pegasusarchive@googlemail.com.




28/03/20 - Burial Chambers: Unstan added.


14/10/19 - Settlements: The Broch of Midhowe added.


25/04/18 - Burial Chambers: Midhowe added.


09/10/17 - Burial Chambers: The Knowe of Yarso added.


22/08/17 - Burial Chambers: Blackhammer added.


30/07/17 - Burial Chambers: Taversoe Tuick added, after a lamentable five year break in updates! Much more to come.


16/03/12 - Burial Chambers: Ballowall Barrow added.


04/06/11 - Henges: Plans of The Merry Maidens and The Hurlers added.


23/06/11 - Mounds: Overview of Silbury Hill added.


20/06/11 - Henges: Boscawen-Un added.


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