Trooper Dennis James Hollis


Unit : No.1 Wing, The Glider Pilot Regiment

Army No. : 14416871

Awards : Military Medal


On 24th March 1945 during the fighting immediately following the Airborne landing at Hammikeln (Germany) the glider in which Trooper Hollis had landed came under fire from a Light Anti-Aircraft position only 100 yards away. The enemy also fired machine guns and rifles. Trooper Hollis displayed great coolness and from a kneeling position, in the open, fired at the ammunition drums on the enemy guns, setting fire to and exploding the ammunition and killing the crew of one gun. After his party had withdrawn from the glider to defensive positions he volunteered to return to the glider to bring out equipment and ammunition, which he did under fire. During the whole operation his cheerfulness and courage was a fine example to all his comrades. Throughout his service in the Regiment he has constantly shown great keenness in the execution of his duties.


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