An aerial photograph of Syracuse and the Ponte Grande bridge



Half a platoon of the 1st Border before take-off 1st Border troops shortly before take-off A Waco glider carrying men of the 1st Airlanding Brigade to Sicily

First Lift


An Italian pillbox position to the east of the bridge

Ponte Grande


A Waco glider belonging to the 2nd South Staffordshires A Horsa glider near Syracuse A Waco glider in Sicily, July 1943, gutted by fire A Waco glider which came to grief during the landing

Sicily - General


A Waco glider washed ashore to the south of Syracuse A 1st Border officer making his way aboard a ship after being rescued from the sea

The Mediterranean


A recent photograph taken on what was LZ2 The Ponte Grande The Ponte Grande A pill box near the Ponte Grande Underneath the Ponte Grande