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New Additions

German Armour Lost on the Western Front by Bob Carruthers

Pegasus Archive review: A marvellous collection of over 200 photographs of German armoured vehicles knocked out from 1944 onwards, from the Normandy beaches and Italy to the borders of the Reich. Almost all of the vehicles featured are those built around the Panzer III to VI chassis, including self-propelled guns and many specific variants of tanks. These are shown in different locations, in shattered streets or muddy and snow covered fields, and in a range of states of disrepair; overturned, tipped on their side to clear the road, with broken tracks, turrets blown off, or simply blown apart. With this broad array of vehicles and situations, this book will certainly be an invaluable guide to the modeller, but it also serves as a reminder of the devastating impact of armour piercing weapons, and the vulnerability of tank crews in their seemingly impervious machines. Price: 14.99. Copies may be purchased from


Hitler's Sky Warriors: German Paratroopers in Action 1939-1945 by Christopher Ailsby

Pegasus Archive review: The German Fallschirmjager achieved a remarkable reputation during the Second World War, first as the pioneers of airborne warfare, achieving spectacular success in Norway, the Low Countries and Crete, and then as elite ground-based infantry in the bitter defensive battles which took place across North Africa, Italy, France and Russia. Beginning with their pre-war origins and training, this unusually large book in the Images of War series presents a photographic history of all of these engagements, with a particular emphasis on Italy and their defence of Monte Cassino; one of numerous battles where the Fallschirmjager proved themselves as thoroughly dependable and highly skilled fighters. Detailed captions accompany each photograph, which have been carefully selected to show a broad range of situations and also their uniforms and equipment, some of which were highly specialist and unique to them. Price 14.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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