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Flight From Colditz by Tony Hoskins

Pegasus Archive review: The supposedly escape-proof Colditz Castle, home to the most problematic Allied prisoners of war, was nevertheless famous for audacious escapes, but perhaps the most astonishing of them all was a plan to fly a glider off its roof. This beautifully presented book, lavishly decorated with photographs, is divided into two parts. The first describes the castle, the various personalities involved in the project, and the methods they used to design and build the glider, as well as the incredible feat of keeping it concealed from the ever-vigilant guards. The castle was liberated by Allied troops before the glider could be launched, but the question remained of whether the "Colditz Cock" would have worked. In 2011, as a supplier to the modern glider industry, the author's company became involved in a television documentary to construct a replica based on the original plans, before launching it from the castle roof. The second part of the book follows this remarkable enterprise and the final preparations leading up to a successful albeit unmanned "flight from Colditz". Price 19.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Operation Barbarossa: Hitler's Invasion of Russia by Hans Seidler

Pegasus Archive review: A photographic history of Germany's epic invasion of Russia from June to December 1941, separated into four chapters covering the initial attack, the advance into Russia, the Moscow offensive, and the first months of winter. These chapters are preceded by a brief summary of events, followed by a broad and diverse range of large and rarely seen photographs accompanied by detailed captions, each carefully selected to highlight different uniforms, vehicles, weaponry and situations. At 175 pages, this is one of the larger books in the "Images of War" series, and the early chapters demonstrate the seemingly unstoppable advance with troops and convoys often on the move with large numbers of Russian prisoners of war being taken. The later pages reveal the desperate struggle against the climate, first with the autumn rains which reduced the track roads to swamps through which vehicles had to be manhandled, and then the bleak onset of winter for which the German Army was completely unprepared. Price 14.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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