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New Additions


Dear Mona: Letters From a Conscientious Objector by Jonah Jones

Synopsis: Jonah Jones served in the 224th Parachute Field Ambulance. In Dear Mona artist Jonah Jones records in his own words not just the story of his early life and his relationship with Mona Lovell, but also that of the Second World War, of being on the Home Front, on the European battlefield and in the nascent Israel. These letters are a remarkable first-hand account of how Jones' character evolved. Like a number of conscientious objectors he eventually took a more active role in the fight against fascism by becoming a non-arms bearing medic. In this role he was parachuted into northern Europe and took part in the Ardennes and German campaigns, and in the liberation of the Belsen concentration camp. After the war he was posted to Palestine, where he observed the issues surrounding the establishment of Israel, but was also able to hone his artistic skills for the benefit of his regiment. It was in Haifa that, much to Mona Lovell's dismay, he met and married another woman - Judith Grossman - with whom he returned to Britain to set up as an artist, now known as Jonah Jones. Dear Mona gives detailed insight into the evolution of Jones' character, as he changed from gauche Len Jones to artist Jonah Jones. It also tells in intimate detail the story of the Home Front, of conscientious objection, of the European campaign following D Day and of the tensions in Palestine, which resonate still today. It is a remarkable, immediate account: personal, intimate and yet also history, played out before his eyes. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Hitler Versus Stalin: The Eastern Front 1943-1944 by Nik Cornish

Pegasus Archive review: The third installment in this photographic series about the war on the Eastern Front focuses on the summer of 1943 and the critical year which followed, when the tide turned irrevocably against Hitler. It is divided into nine chapters which cover the various phases of the German defeat at the epic battle of Kursk, the advance from Leningrad in the North, and the devastating Soviet offensive in 1944 which culminated in the eviction of Axis forces from the USSR. As expected from the "Images of War" series, this story is told with a concise narrative and a carefully selected array of quality photographs, each with detailed captions, illustrating a very broad range of equipment, uniforms and situations. These include civilian labour, partisan groups, evidence of the German scorched earth policy, defensive works, winter camouflage, and naturally, as they constituted the primary weapon on this front, a considerable number of armoured vehicles of all types. Price £14.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or 


Sons of the Reich: II SS Panzer Corps by Michael Reynolds

Pegasus Archive review: The II SS Panzer Corps is best known for its part in Operation Market Garden, when the severely depleted 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions became the main opponents of the Allied airborne landings in the Nijmegen and Arnhem sectors, and were chiefly responsible for thwarting the offensive. The German side to this story has rarely been probed in any great detail despite the vast library which has been published about the battle, so this book is a welcome addition for that reason alone, but still more so as it has been very well researched and provides a thorough account of the Corps' movements and actions throughout, interspersed with a number of first hand accounts. There is, however, much more to their story than just the nine days of Market Garden, and equal attention is paid to their distinguished involvement in the heavy fighting around Caen and Falaise in Normandy, the Ardennes offensive at the end of 1944, and finally their transfer to the Eastern Front and the forlorn attempts to halt the advance of the Red Army before the Corps surrendered to the Americans. Price: £16.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


The Dead Still Cry Out: The Story of a Combat Cameraman by Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis was just a child when she found an old suitcase hidden in a cupboard at home. Inside it were the most horrifying photographs she'd ever seen - a record of the atrocities committed at Bergen-Belsen. They belonged to her father, Mike, a British paratrooper and combat cameraman who had filmed the campís liberation. The child of Jewish refugees, Mike had grown up in London's East End and experienced antisemitism firsthand in the England of the 1930s. Those first images of the Nazis' crimes, shot by Mike Lewis and others like him, shocked the world. In The Dead Still Cry Out, his daughter Helen uses photographs and film stills to reconstruct Mike's early life and experience of the war, while exploring broader questions too: what it means to belong; how history and memory are shaped - and how anyone can deny the Holocaust in the face of such powerful evidence. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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