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New Additions


Hitler's War Machine: Afrika Korps 1941-1942

Pegasus Archive review: A DVD of original German newsreel footage as it would have been broadcast to the public at the time, showing the arrival and parading of the Afrika Korps in Tripoli and their subsequent advance on Tobruk. As one would expect the commentary is very biased and makes for an interesting study in propaganda, particularly in its repeated attempts to portray Britain's colonial troops as sacrificial pawns. The film footage often focuses on artillery exchanges and the advance of motorised columns, but in between are segments which cover a very broad range of aspects of life in the desert, including anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns in action, the work of medical staff, signallers, the typical daily routine of any German soldier, and the unloading and stockpiling of stores in supply dumps. It also follows the arrival of these stores from Europe in the heavily protected convoys which were repeatedly attacked by the Royal Navy, and includes some superb footage of the Luftwaffe engaging the RAF and strafing British tanks. Price: 9.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Long Range Desert Group by W. B. Kennedy Shaw

Pegasus Archive review: The Long Range Desert Group achieved remarkable success during the North African campaign, sometimes as a small scale raiding force but chiefly in a reconnaissance role, operating hundreds of miles behind the lines to report on enemy strengths and movements. There can be few who are better placed to tell this story than Bill Kennedy Shaw, who had spent over 10 years prior to the war becoming an expert on the Libyan Desert before serving as the Group's Intelligence Officer, participating in the first sorties then working at Group Headquarters, where he was uniquely placed to observe the bigger picture. He wrote this most authoritative account in 1945 while the facts were still fresh in his mind, and it describes in wonderful detail the rapid foundation of the unit and its numerous exploits, revealing the enormous skill with which they operated in and navigated their way across the desert, and the methods they used to avoid detection and escape when spotted. Included amongst the appendices are a roll of honour, order of battle, a list of the many awards issued to personnel of the LRDG, and a precise breakdown of the rations required per man. Price: 25.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Fallschirmjager: German Paratroopers 1937-1941 by Francois Cochet 

Pegasus Archive review: A part of the "Images of War" series which explores the origins of the Fallschirmjager and their early operations through to Crete in 1941. It begins with some wonderful photographs of their pre-war training, demonstrating the various stages of their jumping techniques, and throughout provides clear views of uniforms and equipment, including the contents of supply containers. The subsequent chapters describe their minor role in the Polish campaign and spectacular success in Norway and the Low Countries, followed by training for the aborted invasion of Britain. A large part of the book is dedicated to the Greek campaign, including the capture of the bridge over the Corinth Canal and the victorious disaster that was the invasion of Crete, with a superb collection of photographs illustrating the landings and subsequent fighting there. Crete effectively spelt the end of the Fallschirmjager as a raiding force, and the final pages of the book dwell on their involvement in the first year of the Russian campaign and their conversion into a more conventional elite infantry formation. Price: 11.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Great Escapes of the First World War by Rachel Bilton

Pegasus Archive review: A collection of short and lively first-hand accounts of escape during the First World War, most of which are told from a British perspective with a few German ones included. Some of their endeavours were successful, others much less so, and employed a wide variety of escape methods; climbing over the wire, tunneling under it, picking locked doors, being smuggled out in laundry baskets, or walking out of the main gate disguised as a guard. They can read like a boys-own adventure and seem to make light of it all, yet it is clear that their position was extremely perilous and often relied heavily on luck, as the undernourished men moved through a hostile country towards a closely guarded neutral border which could be every bit as difficult to cross as breaking out of the camp. Unarmed and unaided with nothing to rely on but their wits, the dangers and challenges were enormous, and so these stories also provide an insight into the mindset of that rare individual who will voluntarily and eagerly embrace them, and risk everything to get home. Price 15.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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