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New Additions


Operation Colossus by Lawrence Paterson

Pegasus Archive review: The Tragino Aqueduct raid in February 1941 marked the first airborne operation carried out by the British, with three dozen men parachuting deep into Italy to disrupt the water supplies to the ports of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. Although their mission was a success, the damage was swiftly repaired and the entire party were captured along the daunting 50 mile escape route to the coast, yet the raid demonstrated what these troops could achieve and laid the groundwork for the ambitious operations of the following years. Despite a vast library of airborne literature and the importance of Operation Colossus in that story, relatively little has been written about it, and without doubt Paterson's very well researched account is the most authoritative to date. With the force barely six months old and struggling for resources, it describes the ad hoc preparations, and, with the aid of official reports and first hand accounts, reveals the enormous logistical challenges involved, followed by a thorough account of the raid itself, and the numerous escape attempts which followed, several of which were ultimately successful, before delving into the difficult business of analysing what the operation actually achieved. Price: 15.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Siege of Malta: 1940-42 by Anthony Rogers

Pegasus Archive review: Malta occupied a dominant position in the central Mediterranean which allowed the British air and naval forces there to threaten Axis shipping and impede their ambitions in North Africa. As it was just 70 miles from Sicily, the island was effectively blockaded and remained under siege for almost two and a half years, during which time it was famously heralded as the most bombed place on Earth. This book documents its epic defence with photographs taken almost exclusively from the private collections of veterans, lending them a very personal quality. These give an impression of the extent of the bomb damage and its impact on daily life, and includes some dramatic pictures of air raids alongside the work of the garrison in quieter times, featuring RAF personnel and their aircraft with many images of downed machines, and the crews of the numerous anti-aircraft batteries which were so pivotal to the defence. There is also a chapter on the supply convoys which suffered many losses to deliver essential supplies, and the book closes with a number of colour photographs of Malta today. Price: 12.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


British Airfields of the Second World War by Stuart Hadaway

Pegasus Archive review: A short but beautifully presented and interesting introduction to the construction and operation of a typical British airfield of the Second World War. Over 600 were built, and played an absolutely critical role in the defence of Britain and later in the liberation of Europe. This book examines their condition at the start of the war, when a great many of the old grass landing strips surrounded by wooden installations were still being modernised in favour of concrete and steel. It describes how they were built, organised, defended, and with a number of photographs also illustrates the daily life around them. Copies may be purchased from Amazon.


Juno Beach by Tim Saunders

Pegasus Archive review: Another superb addition to the Battleground Europe series, primarily focusing on the landing of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division on Juno Beach, the difficult and costly fighting to secure their initial objectives, and the advance inland. The first chapters also describe their training, the assault plan, and the formidable Atlantic Wall defences they faced, while later ones touch on the related activities of the 79th Armoured Division as well as the Commandos of the 4th Special Service Brigade, and their protracted battle around the Douvres radar station. As with all books in this series, the concise narrative succeeds in packing a considerable amount of detail into a relatively small space, and it is generously supported with photographs, maps, and veterans accounts. Though intended as a battlefield guide, with the final chapter highlighting numerous places of interest across the Juno area, it is also a very worthy historical study in its own right. Price 12.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Sword Beach by Tim Kilvert-Jones

Pegasus Archive review: Continuing the tradition of superb battlefield guides crammed with a wealth of historical detail coupled with a great many maps, photographs and veterans accounts, this edition of the Battleground Europe series focuses on the landing of the 3rd British Infantry Division and the 27th Armoured Brigade on Sword Beach on D-Day. It first outlines the Atlantic Wall defences which awaited them and their preparations for what would be the largest amphibious assault in history, before going on to describe the landing and the difficulties they experienced in securing the beach. Much has been made of the Division's failure to capture Caen by the end of the day, but Kilvert-Jones correctly regards this as an ambitious objective even without the unexpected arrival of the 21st Panzer Division in its suburbs, and demonstrates that the 3rd Division did remarkably well to beat off the counter-attack of this formidable unit and ultimately secure a firm foothold. Price 12.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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