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More Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Birmingham by Nick Billingham

Pegasus Archive review: A gripping exploration of the darker sides of Birmingham and the Black Country in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, as seen through 27 notorious murders which were carried out between 1817 and 1948, almost all of which culminated in the death penalty, with the final case marking the last execution carried out at Winson Green Prison. Each are described in sometimes as little as five pages, yet despite these seemingly narrow constraints, Nick Billingham vividly sets the scene and carefully describes all the known facts about each case. Helped along by eyewitness accounts, newspaper reports and photographs, this is not just a fascinating study of crime in the Birmingham area, but the circumstantial detail also provides an insight into typical daily life during these times, and so is useful in a wider social history context. Price: 12.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Silent Skies by Tim Lynch

Pegasus Archive review: The military glider was a short-lived innovation rendered obsolete by technological advances in the post-war period, yet it was used extensively by both sides throughout the Second World War, typically landing large numbers of infantry, artillery and even light tanks behind enemy lines, but it was also used to carry out small-scale precision raids, resupply operations, and the Germans even pioneered the now commonplace rapid airlift of troops and heavy equipment by developing an immense glider capable of carrying hundreds of passengers. This book summarises most glider operations of the war, amongst which are famous actions such as Eben Emael, Crete, Pegasus Bridge and Arnhem, but also a great many others which are rarely discussed, including Germany's daring rescue of Mussolini, their raid on Tito's Yugoslavian headquarters, British operations to support the Chindits in Burma, and the little known airborne operations carried out on both sides of the Eastern Front. Using first hand accounts of those involved, this is a fascinating story which puts the entire glider experiment into context, exploring its origins, development and increasing ambition as the war progressed. Price: 19.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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