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Freddie Gough's Specials at Arnhem by Robert Hilton

From R.N. Sigmond Publishing, an illustrated history of the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron from official records and personal accounts of members of the Squadron. 256 pages with over 280 photos and numerous maps. Price: 38, plus postage. To order, email


The Crushing of Army Group North 1944-1945 on the Eastern Front by Ian Baxter

Pegasus Archive review: A part of the "Images at War" series describing the fighting which took place around the Baltic States in the final months of the war; an encounter which, even by the standards of the Russian front was savagely fought, and culminated in the destruction of Germany's Army Group North. Each chapter provides a concise summary of events followed by a plethora of large, carefully selected and rare photographs from the German perspective, each accompanied by detailed notes. These span a considerable variety of subjects, showing a number of different unit types, including SS and Estonian volunteers, equipped with a very broad range of infantry weapons, armoured vehicles and artillery pieces, but it also devotes a few pages to much less emphasised aspects such as mine laying. The photographs give a sense of the varied conditions which the troops encountered; from a dry summer to an arctic winter, and the inevitable muddy thaw which followed, turning roads to swamps. The book closes with an Order of Battle of Army Group North as it evolved throughout the campaign. Price 14.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Front-Line Stalingrad by Victor Nekrasov

Pegasus Archive review: Front-Line Stalingrad is a work of fiction by a veteran who commanded an engineer battalion during this most epic of battles, and continued to serve in the Red Army until he was wounded in Poland, in early 1944. It follows events from the retreat to the Volga in 1942, and the bitter fighting which took place from building to building in the shattered ruins of Stalingrad. Although its characters are an invention, they have been heavily coloured by Nekrasov's personal experience, and show the mindset of the typical Red Army soldier as this savage, attritional struggle progressed. The result is a highly realistic and gritty account which is remarkably devoid of the slightly false-feeling patriotic triumphalism which generally pervades such novels. The book was critically acclaimed on its release in 1946 and is now a recognised classic of the period, which is an extraordinary achievement for a man who had no previous experience of writing. Price 12.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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