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Arnhem and the Aftermath by Harry Kuiper

Pegasus Archive review: Amongst the great library which has been written about the Battle of Arnhem, this book manages the rare feat of examining an aspect which has scarcely been discussed by telling the story of Dutch population. Having become accustomed to peace following more than a century of neutrality, it shows how this came to a shocking end in 1940 when Germany invaded and Arnhem quickly fell. The book goes on to describe life in an occupied country and the many privations it brought, including the plight of the Jews and reprisals carried out in response to the activities of the Dutch Underground. In September 1944, it seemed that relief was at hand when the 1st Airborne Division dropped near Arnhem, but after nine days of heavy fighting the British were compelled to withdraw, leaving the residents in a devastated front line town. Forced to abandon their homes, the book shows how the civilians had to rely on the generosity of relatives or complete strangers for their welfare, and how their position became desperate during the hard winter of 1944, made worse by the German decision to deprive western Holland of all supplies. Price: £15.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


The Battle for Arnhem 1944-1945 by Anthony Tucker-Jones

Pegasus Archive review: A part of the "Images of War" series, using high quality photographs to describe the entirety of the Market Garden operation, beginning with the aftermath of the Normandy campaign and Germany's chaotic retreat through France, and then the build-up to what was the largest airborne operation in history. Included are photographs of key personalities and carefully selected views of some of the equipment used, from gliders and anti-tank guns to small-arms. Chapters cover events at Eindhoven and Nijmegen, but Arnhem receives the most attention, and while a number of the photographs have been published many times before they are nevertheless more clearly presented than most, and numerous much lesser known ones have been included which have rarely appeared elsewhere if at all. The book closes with a selection of photographs showing the seldom glimpsed second and successful attempt to liberate Arnhem in 1945. Price: £14.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Battle of the Bulge: Kampfgruppe Peiper

Pegasus Archive review: Another outstanding documentary from the Battlefield History TV team, following the efforts in the last days of 1944 by Jochen Peiper's 1st Panzer Regiment of the 1st " Leibstandarte" SS Panzer Division, to break through the Allied lines in the northern sector of the Ardennes. The excellently informed historians first describe the state of this much reconstituted, fully staffed but in materiel understrength Division, and with the assistance of maps, photographs, archive footage and re-enactors, vividly bring to life the story of their advance. By walking the ground and describing the key phases, they reveal how the Leibstandarte attempted to make rapid progress but were continually hampered by poor roads, blown bridges, and ever stiffening resistance, and show how this frustration culminated in the Malmedy Massacre where almost one hundred American prisoners of war were murdered. The main focus of the narrative, however, is concerned with the Division's spearhead and their constant struggle to maintain the momentum of the advance until brought to a halt by insurmountable opposition and a shortage of fuel. With the offensive at an end, Peiper and his men abandoned their tanks and smuggled themselves through the American lines to rejoin the rest of the Division. Price: £16.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Panzers on the Vistula by Hans Schäufler

Pegasus Archive review: Hans Schäufler was a second lieutenant in the 4th Panzer Division, and in early 1945 commanded a Jagdpanther tank destroyer before becoming an infantryman in the defence of Danzig. As a rare witness to the complete collapse of the Wehrmacht in East Prussia, his is an important story, and shows how the German soldier struggled on against an enemy whose superiority in men and equipment was by now so large that it could not be stopped. He is quite clear that no one had even the remotest illusion that a victory was still feasible, instead their purpose was to delay the Russians so that as many civilians as possible could be evacuated across the Baltic to the comparative safety of the west. The book closes with the stories of others who were taken prisoner by the Russians or were interned in Sweden, but Schäufler himself had a remarkable escape; having continued to resist until a few hours before the ceasefire came into effect, he and a few others boarded a small motor boat and, after a perilous journey, successfully reached the British sector. Price £19.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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