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Hitler's Atrocities Against Allied POWs by Philip Chinnery

Pegasus Archive review: Throughout the Second World War Germany committed many atrocities against the Allied prisoners of war in their care, and this excellently researched book examines some of the more notorious examples as well as others which have rarely been mentioned. These include the murder of British soldiers at Dunkirk, the Malmedy Massacre, the shooting of SAS troops in accordance with Hitler's infamous Commando order, the killing of recaptured airmen following the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III, and the near genocidal conditions endured by Russian prisoners of war who were afforded no theoretical protection by the Geneva Convention. There are also a great many other lesser known instances documented, in Poland, Greece, Russia, North Africa, Italy, Normandy, and Arnhem, and in all cases Chinnery describes the circumstances which led up to them and the post-war efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. Price £25.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


SS Charlemagne by Tony Le Tissier

Pegasus Archive review: Contrary to their reputation for ethnic purity, the Waffen SS evolved into a surprisingly diverse organisation with numerous divisions formed around volunteers from occupied nations and beyond. The origins of SS Charlemagne began with the Légion des Volontaires Français in 1941, and the disappointingly small number of Frenchmen who volunteered to serve with it on the Eastern Front. It was not until the final months of the war when a Division of 6,000 men was properly formed and thrown into the futile attempts to halt the Russian advance on Berlin, and it was here that the survivors had the dubious honour of being the last troops to defend Hitler in the Fuhrerbunker. This book is largely formed around the first hand accounts of its members who were fortunate enough to survive both the battle and the post-war French legal system, if they were not executed on the spot, and they reveal the unyielding determination of SS Charlemagne as well as the horrendous fighting which took place amongst the ruins of Berlin and a regime in its death throes. Price: £12.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Battle of the Odon by Georges Bernage

Pegasus Archive review: In Normandy on the 26th June 1944, the 2nd British Army launched Operation Epsom with the objective of securing a foothold over the River Odon and quickly outflanking the strongly-held and pivotally important town of Caen. What would become known as the First Battle of the Odon, after a promising start, ultimately ended in failure with heavy losses on both sides, as the advance was gradually brought to a halt by the repeated and determined counter-attacks of the II SS Panzer Korps. Yet this and other offensives like it nevertheless succeeded in forcing the Germans to engage in a relentless battle of attrition which inevitably resulted in the collapse of their line. This is a beautifully presented and thoroughly researched book which describes the various phases of the offensive from both sides, brought further to life with a considerable number of maps, veterans accounts, and photographs, including images of key areas of the battlefield as they appears today. Price £16.50. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Flying Tiger Ace by Carl Molesworth

Synopsis: Bill Reed had it all ­- brains, looks, athleticism, courage and a talent for leadership. After a challenging childhood in Depression-era Iowa, Reed joined the US Army Air Corps, but the outbreak of World War II saw him give up his commission. Instead, he travelled to China to fly for the American Volunteer Group - the legendary Flying Tigers. After a brief return to America, he resumed the fight as a senior pilot and later squadron commander in the Chinese-American Composite Wing. Soon afterwards, Reed tragically lost his life in a desperate parachute jump late in the war, by which point he was a fighter ace with nine confirmed aerial victories. His obituary was front-page news throughout the state of Iowa. This book is a biography of his extraordinary life, focusing on his time spent flying with some of the famous aerial groups of World War II. It draws heavily on Reed's own words, along with the author's deep knowledge of the China air war and years of research into Reed's life, to tell his compelling story. Copies may be purchased from Amazon


Hitler's Headquarters 1939-1945 by Ian Baxter

Pegasus Archive review: A fascinating and detailed photographic exploration of Hitler's numerous headquarters which he used throughout the Second World War. Included amongst these are the well-known ones, such as the Berghof, the Eagle's Nest, the Wolf's Lair, the Reich Chancellery, and the Fuhrerbunker where Hitler spent his final weeks, but also the much less familiar sites such as Felsennest, Tannenberg, the Wolf's Gorge, and Wehrwolf, as well as his personal aircraft and train. The photographs give a vivid impression of the construction and operation of each, showing their communications arrangement, hospital, kitchen etc, and visits by senior SS and Nazi party personalities. These are interspersed with images from the front line, in those areas which were relevant to the operations being conducted from the headquarters at the time. The book closes with a considerable array of wonderfully atmospheric winter images of the Wolfs Lair as it appears today. Price £14.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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