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Air War Varsity by Martin W. Bowman

Pegasus Archive review: Operation Varsity  in March 1945 saw the landing of the 6th British and 17th US Airborne Divisions as part of the Rhine Crossing, and it remains the largest single airlift in the history of the Airborne Forces. As an aviation specialist, Martin Bowman focuses almost entirely on the flight to the drop zones and the immediate aftermath of the landings. This was certainly the critical phase in this successful but very costly operation as the areas they captured were by and large relatively peaceful within a few hours, after an exceptionally violent and confusing beginning as the troops, landing almost directly on top of heavily defended objectives which were overlooked by a considerable number of anti-aircraft weapons, struggled to form up under very heavy fire. Drawing on a broad range of sources and personal accounts, this book is an extremely detailed analysis of the landing, and superbly captures the confusion if not utter chaos of those first hours. Price: 25.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


The Rhine Crossing by Andrew Rawson

Pegasus Archive review: One of three books in the Battleground series about the Rhine Crossing of March 1945, focusing on the landing of the 17th Airborne Division and the crossing of the 9th US Army, in what was the last great set piece operation carried out by the western Allies during the Second World War. The 9th Army quickly secured a foothold on the eastern bank against relatively little opposition and made steady progress towards the airborne troops, who, landing on heavily defended drop zones overlooked by anti-aircraft weapons, had a much more eventful experience, but despite very heavy casualties were able to secure all of their objectives within a few hours. As with all books in the Battleground series, the concise narrative succeeds in cramming an impressive amount of detailed information, first hand accounts, as well as a great many photographs and maps, into a remarkably small space. As such while it can be used solely as a battlefield guide, it also makes for an easy to read and surprisingly comprehensive introduction to the subject. Price 12.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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