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Evolution of Airborne Operations 1939-1945 by Colonel Roy M. Stanley II

Pegasus Archive review: One of a series of books describing the Second World War with aerial photography, examining the birth and rapid expansion of the airborne movement, from the early raiding forces to the complex divisional and corps operations of the final years. It describes many of the famous actions which one would expect, including the German attacks on Norway, Belgium, Holland and Crete, and the Allied efforts in Sicily, D-Day and Operation Market Garden, but it also looks at less familiar operations such as those carried out by the Russians and Japanese, and the Americans in the Pacific. This is not a conventional history of these operations and no attempt is made to describe how they unfolded, instead Colonel Stanley is solely concerned with the landing of the airborne troops and the first critical hours. As a retired photographic interpreter, he uses his skill together with a quite wonderful array of rare and mostly aerial photographs to describe the scene in each and so illustrate the growing capabilities and ambition of airborne warfare. Price: 25.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


The Invasion of Sicily 1943 by Jon Diamond

Pegasus Archive review: One of the larger books of the Images of War series, describing what was then the largest amphibious assault ever undertaken. A concise narrative accompanies the five chapters which look at the build-up to the invasion, the state of the Axis defences and the difficult terrain of the island, the commanders and troops involved, the landing itself, and the advance inland. As ever it is the considerable collection of large and rarely published photographs which take centre stage, each of which have been carefully selected to highlight a very broad range of equipment and subjects. These include the naval armada, amphibious landings, bombing, dug-in artillery, armour, mine clearance, and airborne troops, and together they are an impressive and vivid record of one of the Second World War's great set piece operations. Price: 16.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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