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The following adverts have been placed recently and are shown in the order in which they were added. This is intended for the benefit of people who check the Veterans Ads section regularly and find it difficult to sort the new from the old in the main alphabetical A-Z list. Copies of all these adverts can also be found in the A-Z section, and will be removed from this section after a period of several months.


Jules Armand Guiborat (advert placed 06/06/17)

I am searching for information about Jules Armand Guiborat, serial number 67023, Kommando 655, prisoner at Stalag XI B Fallingbostel from 1940 to 1945. He worked in a family farm (whose address I do not know). clementinelouison@free.fr

French prisoners


Karol Bauer (Stalag IIC) (advert placed 06/11/15)

My Grandfather was a POW in Stalag IIC Greifswald. He was born 27.01.1895 in Dzwiniacz (now Ukraine). He was Stg in Polish Army in France: 2 D.S.P. 5 Plk Piech. He was in the Stalag after the battle Montbeliard - Belfort, June 1940 and left in July 1941. At the end of War he got to Britain and stayed there (not returning to Poland). This is all I know - any other information? Jolanta Loritz-Dobrowolska, jolado2@gmail.com

Karol Bauer


Albert Henry Buckley (advert placed 13/10/15)

We are trying to find out information about my husband's paternal grandfather. We don't know if he was known by his first name, middle name or as 'Bertie' but we know he was born in 1920s and served in Italy, and also in North Africa in around 1942-1943 as a dispatch rider for the 8th Army. We think he returned home to Derbyshire after being injured in April 1943. He had a brother, but we don't know anything about him. We have found it very difficult to locate a birth certificate for Albert because it's believed he lied about his age to join the army while he was young. He never married either, so there's no marriage certificate to verify any information. The only thing we have is his medal card with the military number 884445 on the top, and the GRO require a date of birth to apply for military records. Any information, stories or photos anybody has would be greatly appreciated as the family know very little about him and only have one photograph of him. Thank you mrsemmabuckley@outlook.com