Oflag VIIB - Hohenfels in S. Bavaria. All the prisoners at this camp were transferred here from Oflag VIB when that camp was closed. The removal was satisfactorily accomplished, and included reserves of provisions, the library, etc., and even the camp cat. It is divided into two sections, called the Upper and Lower Camps. Upper camp consists of barracks arranged on both sides of a small valley. Farther down the valley are five hutments called the Lower Camp.


Between the two are large playing fields, ie. a football ground and an ice hockey ground, which have been laid out by the prisoners themselves. The officers in the Upper Camp have been permitted to organise their own section. Sanitary installations are said to be entirely adequate and electricity is installed in all the barracks. There are stoves in each room, but fuel has been limited to preserve a good stock for the really cold weather.


Prisoners who are handcuffed are quartered in Block I of the Upper Camp. The number of these prisoners remains fixed, and if for any reason, such as illness, a prisoner of war is unmanacled, another takes his place. The men are freed from time to time during the day and night. They are able to see and converse with others in the camp. The Camp Leader reports that they have been well treated and receive special kindnesses, such as the use of a larger space for exercise and a higher basic food ration. Their morale is said to be excellent.


In the Lower Camp accommodation is not quite so good, lighting is inadequate, only acetylene lamps are provided. Brick stoves provide the heating, but are said to be of better quality than those in the Upper Camp. The orderlies' Section was very overcrowded. Sanitary installations are bad.


Clothing is fairly satisfactory and Red Cross parcels arrived regularly. Ten British doctors, three dentists and 16 medical orderlies are in charge of the health of the prisoners.


(Visited November 1942 by International Red Cross Representative)



See letter July-August issue, page 12


We understand the handcuffing, mentioned above, has been discontinued.


Thanks to Jim Blair for this report.