The POW card of Private Albert Fields. Born in Sheffield on the 21st November 1908, he moved to Australia, enlisted in Perth and served with the 2/11th Battalion. He landed in Greece in June 1941, and was reported missing in August. Fields was sent to Stalag VIIA and was posted to the following work camps; 2771 (October 1941), 2771a (October 1941 to February 1942), 2916 München (February to November 1942), and 3246 (November 1942 to April 1943). He was then transferred to Stalag VIIIB, working at E174 from June 1943 before returning to the main camp in September 1944, then to the E114 stone factory at Gross Kunzendorf in November. Copyright: Linda Chapman.



A telegram sent from London by Albert Fields after his release. Copyright: Linda Chapman.



Copyright: Linda Chapman.



Private Albert Fields with his mother. Copyright: Linda Chapman.