The attempt by the two Poles, Lieutenants Miki Surmanowicz and Mietek Chmiel, to abseil down a 120 foot wall to their freedom. To get themselves into position, both men arranged to have themselves thrown into solitary confinement. From here, Surmanowicz dismantled his bed and stool and used them to lever up his cell door a fraction at a time. It took him two hours to get the door to the level where he could slide himself underneath, whereupon he picked the lock on Chmiel's door. They found their way into the courtyard where fellow prisoners lowered them a rope formed out of bed sheets. They climbed up and braved a narrow ledge until they were able to jump onto the roof of the guardhouse. Finding an open window on the outer wall they tied the rope to it and proceeded to make their way down to the bottom, but as they neared the ground a German guard was alerted to the noise of Chmiel's boots on the wall and they were returned to their cells.