The exit to the canteen tunnel, a British plan that took 3 months of preparation and was attempted by 8 British men and 4 Poles. The British knew that a German guard would be standing directly on top of where the tunnel would emerge, but the man was known to accept bribes and so they gave him 700 Reichsmarks to turn a blind eye to proceedings on the 29th May. However this sum proved to be inadequate because the guard alerted his superiors who ordered him to keep the money and remain silent, and to heighten the disappointment they allowed the British to continue tunnelling undisturbed. Pat Reid was the first man out and found that a large number of guards awaited him. On his order the remaining men backed up the tunnel to evade detection, but the Germans were waiting for them outside the canteen. Not wanting to give their captors the satisfaction the British burst into laughter as they came out, much to the bemusement of the guards.