Private William Henry Short


Unit : No.21 Platoon, "C" Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Service No. : 14209889

Awards : Military Medal


On 25th August 1944 at Manneville la Raoult, Private Short was a member of the leading Section of his Platoon ordered to infiltrate through an enemy position. The leading Section came in contact with an enemy post. Private Short, firing his Bren from the hip, killed the two sentries and when the enemy replied with grenades and machine gun fire, Private Short with complete disregard for his personal safety, continued to fire from the hip and put the enemy to flight. When his Section Commander was wounded he took charge of the Section and continued to press home the attack. It was owing to his personal bravery that the objective was reached and his conduct and bearing was an example to his Section and Platoon.


Private Short was subsequently promoted to Lance-Corporal.


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