Sergeant William Edward Coleman


Unit : "C" Company, 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment.

Service No. : 842515

Awards : Military Medal


On 25th August 1944, at Equainville, Sergeant William Coleman was commanding the leading platoon during a Company advance on to a dominating feature.


Two hundred yards from the objective, the leading section, with whom Sergeant Coleman was moving came under fire from an enemy post forty yards away, which contained a light machine gun. Two of the section were killed instantaneously. Sergeant Coleman immediately led the remainder of the section forward and captured the German post killing two enemy and taking three prisoners.


The enemy then engaged the leading platoon with machine guns, rifle and mortar fire. In spite of this Sergeant Coleman continued to handle the platoon with such coolness and courage that the objective was gained and consolidated.


Sergeant Coleman displayed throughout this action the highest degree of courage and leadership and his conduct was an inspiration to the remainder of the company.


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