Sergeant Wilfred Errol Miles Littlewood


Unit : Medium Machine Gun Platoon, Headquarters Company, 8th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 5112970

Awards : Military Medal


For outstanding courage and devotion to duty. At Le Mesnil on the 16th June, Sergeant Littlewood was NCO in command a Machine Gun section which was covering the right flank of the Battalion position. The enemy put in a heavy attack and brought mortar and Machine Gun fire down on the Machine Gun position. The enemy then brought a Self Propelled gun into action which fired at the Machine Gun position from point blank range. Sergeant Littlewood in spite of the fact that he was facing almost certain death stuck to his gun and inflicted severe casualties on the enemy. During the course of the day the machine gun received three hits and practically the whole of the section were casualties. Sergeant Littlewood's magnificent personal courage and example was inspiration to all and it was largely due to him that the position was held and the gun remained firing to the end of the day.


Sergeant Littlewood was killed in action at Beuzeville on the 25th August 1944.


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