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2nd Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, RA

My grandfather was in the unit from its formation in 1943 and served in Normandy from the 6th June 1944 till he was wounded quite severly in late august. My grandfather never returned to the unit and was demobbed in 1945. If you have any pics or information regarding the unit I would myself be very interested as there seems to be very little concerning the unit. Gareth Hill, garthbtp@yahoo.co.uk


3rd Parachute Brigade Memorial Association

The 3rd Parachute Brigade, 6th Airborne Division, Memorial Association would very much appreciate that the veterans and families of the 3rd Para Bde make contact with our association founded by the late Brigadier James Hill. 3para.bde@neuf.fr


4th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA (advert placed (06/04/16)

We are a reenactment group called When the Sky was Red and we are making a short movie about operation Mallard and the events in and around Ranville, we are particularly focusing on the 4th Airlanding RA anti-tank unit and would love as much info on the men as possible, one of our members relatives was in the unit so we have some information. If there is any veterans who were in the RA anti-tank airlanding brigade or anyone who is related to the men we would love to hear from you. Thank you very much for any help. Please email ethandrwho@googlemail.com


5th Seaforth Highlanders

I am Bert (Nick) Nicholson, I am writing a book about  12 Platoon "B" Company, 5th Battalion The Seaforth Highlanders, during the Second War War, at the time from August 1944 to the end of the war in Germany 1945. From Saint Oedenrode to Altenbruck (Germany). I would like to hear from any ex member of the Battalion, especially about the battle of the Reichswald Forest. Home address H.J.Nicholson "Scottish Veterans", 445 Burr Road, WOORI YALLOCK, Victoria 3139, Australia Tel: Aus  03 59615959, E.Mail bertnicholson@iprimus.com.au


6th Airborne Division, January - February 1945

I'm researching a little forgotten war history of the 6th Airborne, they served a little time Jan 1945 till Feb 1945 in Holland at the River Maas, and did several actions in the Venlo-Roermond-Weert region. I'm very interesting in what happened then, could a veteran help me? Jeroen Peeters, Helden, Netherlands. linda.jeroen@home.nl


6th Airborne Division Veterans

My name is Edward Tavares and I am a History student who is currently writing my dissertation at university. I have decided to tell the story of the British Sixth Airborne Division and I would hugely appreciate the help of any veterans who are willing to give me any experiences or accounts they have from June 1944 until the end of the war. Any kind of account would help me so much with my work and of course, would be exceptionally interesting to hear. I am extremely happy to visit, phone or mail any veterans willing to speak to me. If interested please email me at edtavares@hotmail.co.uk and hopefully we can sort something out. Thank you.


6th Airborne Division Veterans

I am a 19 years old student residing in Normandy. I am interested in the history of the Second World War, precisely with the period of the landing on June 6, 1944. Having examinations during the period of the commemorations, I could not alas get in touch with the veterans of the D-DAY in order to know much better what they did on the ground of my native area. It is important for me to create a relation with these heroes so that they won't sink in oblivion. I would welcome contact with veterans of the 6th Airborne Division. Such letters, from them, would be a real treasure for me! daufresne@msn.com


8th Para Bn

I'm a french director, and I'm directing a documentary about the 8th Para Bn during the battle of Normandy. The documentary is finished, and I'm pleased to inform you that it will be shown during the celebrations of the 61st anniversary at the Memorial de Caen on June 7th at 1915. All veterans and their families are invited to this presentation, first release in France. Philippe Zytka, contact@alderande.com


9th Battalion, Battle of the Bulge

I would like to receive any first hand stories of members of the 9th Parachute Battalion who were involved in the Battle of the Bulge. Durand, durand97@live.com


12th Devons

I am researching and seeking any pictures of members of the 12th Battalion Devonshire Regiment, who were part of 6th Airborne Div, whether the pics are from the UK, Normandy, Ardennes or the Rhine crossing, any pics wold be helpful. Tony Crofts, swedebashercrofts@hotmail.co.uk


13th Battalion 6th Airborne Division

Looking for anyone in contact with veterans of the 13th battalion. Eye witness accounts and war stories needed to complete my research and Roll of Honour. Normandy, Putot en Auge, Pont L'Eveque, Bure, Op Varsity, Far East, Mutiny etc. Also looking for maps, photographs or anything else of interest regarding the 13th battalion. roodymiller@btinternet.com


13th Para Bn, Hill 13, Putot-en-Auge

I'm researching the actions of my Uncle - Harold Sands [5735323 Pte] who served with 13th Btn, 5th para Bgd [6th Platoon/B Coy] who dropped on DZ N on 6th June and was killed in the assault on Hill 13 Putot on the 19th August aged 19. I am preparing a web dedication to Harold and his comrades, and would welcome any info/pictures etc. from anyone involved or relatives. I am also researching the events leading up to the assault on Putot and Hill 13 from the onset of Operation Paddle. This will eventually form the basis of a narrative style book that I am compiling on the subject. I would be very grateful for any assistance, and I am quite willing to share the results of my research with interested parties. Terence Sands, tjbeachcomber@blueyonder.co.uk


195 Air Landing Field Ambulance RAMC
I'm researching the actions that the 195 Air Landing Field Ambulance RAMC took part in during D- Day and the equipment that they carried with them whether they went over by glider or by boat. Hope somebody can assist me, Simon Cooper RAMC195@aol.com


233 Squadron

I am looking for who were the personnel in the six gliders flown by 233 Squadron from Blakehill Farm on Operation Tonga. Any information would be a great help. sixthairborne@hotmail.co.uk


Airborne Insignia

As a collector of Airborne Military insignia, I recently came across this interesting frame with Airborne Glider Badges enclosed. It is in my mind an interesting & wonderful piece of WW2 art. My question though is: Would this be the insignia worn by a Glider Borne member of the 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment, 6th Airborne Division? Any information on the insignia would be much appreciated. Ian Williams, ian504@googlemail.com

Airborne Insignia


Bourg-Neuf (advert placed 04/07/17)

I am the grand-daughter of the Robert family who was the first family liberated during the night of June 5th-6th in Ranville. They lived in Bourg-Neuf in a well situated, tiny rural house that served to administer first aid to a badly wounded soldier (foot injury) whose stretcher was laid upon their kitchen table. My grand-mother tried to do her best. He was later evacuated back to England (the soldiers told my aunts and uncles). Some soldiers came knocking at their shelter (cellar) asking: Bosch ici? then almost simultaneously, about 7 to 8 soldiers brought the wounded soldier. They then secured the area. Anybody who was part of this story can contact me at: nathaliemonsaint@aol.com

Pic_BourgNeuf1.jpg (29850 bytes)


Irish Veterans

My name is Neil Fetherstonhaugh and I am a journalist and author based in Dublin, Ireland. I am currently writing a book about the experiences of Irish born soldiers who fought at Normandy on and after D Day. I am hoping to travel with a group of veterans from Ireland who fought there in September but in the meantime I am trying to contact any ex-servicemen who may have been involved in the airborne operation. It is my understanding that many thousands of Irish born men fought in the uniforms of the various Allied armies that took part in the campaign and it is my hope to recognise their contribution to the momentous events of June 1944 that would eventually lead to the overthrow of Hitler. I have already been in contact with veterans now living in the US and Canada who took part and their reaction has been most encouraging. I would welcome contact with veterans or their families who may be interested in sharing their stories. neilandliz@hotmail.com


"K" Section, 6th Airborne Divisional Signals

I am looking for any information on 6th Airborne The Royal Signals K Section in Normandy, Ardennes and Rhine. sixthairborne@hotmail.co.uk


The Medics and Medicine of the British Airborne in the Second World War (advert placed 30/03/15)

My name is Edward Hutchison and I'm a fourth year medical student at the University of Birmingham. I have taken a year out of my medical studies to complete an intercalation degree in the History of Medicine. For my research, I am focusing on the medics and medicine of the British Airborne, from its inception up until D-Day. More precisely, I am studying the training and equipment of the newly formed Air Landing and Para Field Ambulances, as well as the role of 'airsickness' in the Airborne's development. I would love to hear from anyone who served in the RAMC within the Airborne during WWII, or from any troops who had experiences of airsickness during this time, including the 'swing tests' used for research. If you feel you could be of help, please contact me at exh197@bham.ac.uk. I would be extremely grateful. Thank you.


Normandy Veterans

My name is Francesco, I'm italian and I'm studying modern history at the university of Siena. I'm working on my final degree book (thesis) about the Overlord operation, and I would like to get in contact with some paratrooper veterans who took part in the Pegasus Bridge assault or other paratrooper veterans landed in Normandy. I am disposed to come in England to know them and interview them. Francesco Di Cintio, francesco_85dc@hotmail.it



My name is Josie Stein and I am working on a television documentary about the Exodus 1947 ship (aka President Warfield). The ship, filled with Holocaust refugees, tried to enter British Mandate Palestine on July 18th 1947. We would very much like to interview veterans from the 6th Airborne Division who participated in the mission near the Port of Haifa to stop the immigrants entering Palestine and I would welcome any suggestions as to how I can find them. I am interested to talk to anyone who was on board the Royal Navy Cruiser AJAX and the other British ships. Particularly those who actually boarded the Exodus 1947 ship in order to take control of the ship. Additionally anyone who helped to transfer the refugees to the more seaworthy ships- the Runnymede Park, Ocean Vigour and the Empire Rival. One of the commanding Officers was Lt MacPherson. Other names I have noted from my reading are: Lt A. Stein, Acting Lt KP Shallow RN, Sub Lt Ure RNVR, Petty Officer Harris, Lt R.B.W. Bundle RN, Stoker Petty Officer Fynn, Petty Officer Green, Stoker Moreton, Lt Gerard-Pearse, Lt. Gill. I would be very grateful for any assistance. Josie Stein, josiestein@me.com


Princess Irene Brigade

I am trying to find any links, documents, old memories, photo etc, contacts, etc of The Prinsesirene Brigade and their stop at a place called Ranton Abbey. On the early hours of 6 March 1941 a great fire tore through the old shooting lodge while the Brigade occupied it, leaving it a ruin to this very day. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Malcolm Halsall, malchalsall@hotmail.com


Prisoner of War - 6th Airborne Division

I am looking to get in touch with Veterans, or family members of veterans, of the 6th Airborne Division who were taken prisoner in Normandy, the Ardennes offensive and Operation Varsity. I am interested to hear how, when and where paratroopers were captured. I am also interested in how the paratroopers were treated and what conditions were like in POW and working camps. Any stories or photos would be a great help. I can be contacted on sixthairborne@hotmailco.uk.


World War Two documentary (advert placed (13/03/15)

My name is Faye Boyle, a Student at Staffordshire University in England. Myself and others are working alongside a producer on a World War Two documentary, to talk to people who survived the war and how their lives were at the end of the war. I would like to make contact with anyone who can help. Faye, fayeboyle123@hotmail.com



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Books Wanted

I am looking for Barley, Eric, "Para Memories, 12th Yorkshire Battalion in Europe and the Far East during the Second World War", Parapress, 1996. I am also looking for K. T. Darling, "The 12th Yorkshire Parachute Battalion in Germany 24th May-16th May 1945". People can contact Dutch major, Erik Jellema, Jellema104@hotmail.com