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L/Cpl James Arthur Bright (advert placed 31/08/17)

I am researching my fathers' history. He is James Arthur Bright Army Number 3385528. I have a copy of his army records, but would like more detail of his deployment at D Day. I know he was paratrooper and from his records he was posted to 6 Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment RAC unit in January 1944, and promoted to Lance Corporal in May 1944. He emplaned on 6/6/44 and disemplaned in NWE 6/6/44. On 30/6/44 he sustained accidental injuries - shot whilst cleaning sten gun, and admitted to 195 Airlanding field ambulance. I would be interested to hear from anybody who knew him, what actual squadron he served in, or any related information. Neil Bright,


Bourg-Neuf (advert placed 04/07/17)

I am the grand-daughter of the Robert family who was the first family liberated during the night of June 5th-6th in Ranville. They lived in Bourg-Neuf in a well situated, tiny rural house that served to administer first aid to a badly wounded soldier (foot injury) whose stretcher was laid upon their kitchen table. My grand-mother tried to do her best. He was later evacuated back to England (the soldiers told my aunts and uncles). Some soldiers came knocking at their shelter (cellar) asking: Bosch ici? then almost simultaneously, about 7 to 8 soldiers brought the wounded soldier. They then secured the area. Anybody who was part of this story can contact me at:

Pic_BourgNeuf1.jpg (29850 bytes)


Pte Albert Batty (advert placed 12/06/17)

My father Albert was in 6th Airborne Royal Engineers around 1944-45. He passed away 26th May 2017 aged 94. I would love to hear from any surving comrades and desparately need a recomendtion as to an army tune to be played at his cremation. Paul Batty,


Pte Louis Mortimer (advert placed 22/12/16)

I am doing research on the father of my sister-in-law and her half-sister. His name was Louis Henry Mortimer and he was in 9 Para, 6th Airborne Division. He was born in Norfolk in 1921 and died in 1980 in Norfolk. If anyone can help I would be grateful. I have attached a photograph of him in uniform, this was taken in 1944. Ken Jeffries,

Private Louis Mortimer


Cpl Stanley Gibbons (advert placed 05/12/16)

6017666, "B" Company, 2nd Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. I am keen to make contact with any families of men who served in B Company, or anyone who has any information about my grandfather. Kim Wilde,


L/Sgt Jack Thorpe (advert placed 29/11/16)

I am looking for information about my late dad, Jack Thorpe, 4393943, who served in the 12th Parachute Battalion from 1943 to the end of the war. I have a record of him being wounded on 05/09/1944 and possibly him being reported missing Jan 1945. Any info or stories about him or the battalion would be welcome. Graham,

Men of the 12th Parachute Battalion's Machine-Gun Platoon