Captain Thomas Grant Gray


Unit : 224th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC

Service No. : 274680

Awards : Military Cross


On 6th June 1944 at Le Mesnil France 1/50,000 Sheet 7F/2 Map Ref 139730 this officer was the only surgeon present in the Field Ambulance Main Dressing Station. In the early hours of the morning he had been dropped off the Drop Zone in the flooded area East of Varaville and had spent the whole night trying to find the Main Dressing Station party which he finally joined in {Petiville?} at 0645 hours. When the Main Dressing Station set up at 0900 hours at Le Mesnil he worked unceasingly for 36 hours until a relief surgeon arrived. On June 9th the Main Dressing Station came under heavy mortar and machine gun fire but Captain Gray continued operating on the wounded, most of whom were Germans. Since then neither mortar fire, aerial bombardment by night nor strafing by day have turned this officer away from his duty to the wounded. He has at all times shown high personal courage and has set an example of devotion to duty to all ranks in the Main Dressing Station.


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