Corporal Robert Scott


Unit : 13th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 7262166

Awards : Military Medal


Throughout the operations in which the 13th Battalion The Parachute Regiment have been engaged, the exploits of Corporal Scott, RAMC, attached to this battalion, have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to the men of the battalion. He has never been known to fail to render first aid to any man who has been wounded, no matter what the fire, and he has never been known to consider his own safety for one moment. At Pont L'Eveque he was giving first aid to a wounded Corporal, when a German machine gun wounded him in the fingers while he was dressing the Corporal's wounds. He took not the slightest notice but continued to dress his wounds, after which he carried him to safety. Wherever wounded were, no matter what the fire, there was always Corporal Scott to be found. Several times wounded were encouraged just by being told by their comrades, "it's all right, Corporal Scott is here". No example has at any time been finer and there could not possibly have been a greater courage displayed than that constantly shown by Corporal Scott.


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