317 (Airborne) Field Security Section


The following is a list of the personnel of 317 (Airborne) Field Security Section who participated in the Normandy landings.


Operations Tonga and Mallard - Glider Element

FSO Captain Frank MacMillan

Sergeant Emil. C. L. Van-Lear (Taken prisoner on Tonga)

Sergeant A. Thomson

Sergeant P. Veroft

Sergeant J. Caudell

Sergeant P. Cleator

Sergeant J. Kershaw

Sergeant R. Ribbon-Turner


Operation Tonga - Parachute Element

Sergeant R. Howse

Sergeant A.F. Edwards

Sergeant H. Miller

Sergeant L. Batchelor

Sergeant R. Burgess (Taken prisoner)

Sergeant J. Fesq


Seaborne Element

Company Sergeant Major Roberts

Sergeant W. Wells

Sergeant J. Hornby

Sergeant Culverall

Lance-Corporal W. Frost