Lance-Sergeant Mayhew receiving his Military Medal from Field Marshal Montgomery on the 1st September 1944

Lance-Sergeant Reginald Harry Mayhew


Unit : "A" Company, 8th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 5124320

Awards : Military Medal


For courage and leadership. At Le Mesnil on the 16th June 1944, Lance-Sergeant Mayhew was in command of a forward section. The enemy put in a heavy attack on the Company position bringing an Self-Propelled gun to within 100 yards of Sergeant Mayhew's section post where it opened fire causing casualties to the section and slightly wounding Sergeant Mayhew. The enemy then launched an attack but Sergeant Mayhew by his personal example and courage rallied his section which was badly shaken and saved what well might have been a disastrous situation. Throughout the remainder of the day Sergeant Mayhew's courage and example was an inspiration to all.


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