Captain Peter Hugh Tasker


Unit : No.6 Commando

Service No. : 231980

Awards : Military Cross


On 10th June 1944 at Amfreville the Regimental Aid Post was subjected to heavy shelling and mortar fire, many direct hits being scored on the farm buildings in which it was situated. Captain Tasker throughout the shelling showed unflagging devotion to duty and personal disregard for danger even carrying out blood transfusions during the height of the shelling. One shell landed in the entrance to the stables, adjoining the Regimental Aid Post starting a petrol fire which trapped a wounded man within the stables. Captain Tasker dashed through the flames and carried out the wounded man having first looked and found all the other men in the stables were dead.


At all times his example proved an inspiration to his men and stretcher-bearers, imbuing them with the same disregard for danger that he himself showed.


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