CSM Miller

Sergeant Patrick McGeever


Unit : 9th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 6008160

Awards : Military Medal


St Come. 9th - 13th June 1944. During this period Sergeant McGeever was in charge of five machine gun detachments. The machine guns were at different points on the perimeter and Sergeant McGeever visited them continuously though under heavy enemy fire. Although in one case a vital post was knocked out three times Sergeant McGeever walked about in the open, directing fire, with complete disregard for his own safety. In addition he mounted a German machine gun on a "jeep" and drove round the perimeter under fire to reinforce any weak spot, he himself standing up on the "jeep" so that he might obtain a better view of the enemy. Later on he was wounded, but insisted on returning to his post after the wound was dressed and by his example of bravery and contempt of the enemy he made the men determined that on no account would any machine gun be left unmanned.


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