Soldiers resting beside a Horsa glider The remains of a Horsa glider and the house it collided with on LZ-N 12th Battalion Prisoners of War Men of the 1st Special Service Brigade cross over Ranville Bridge No.3 Commando near Ranville on the 6th June

Men of No.4 Commando in Ranville on the 6th June Men of the 12th Parachute Battalion's Machine-Gun Platoon Commandos look on German prisoners are taken away by Jeep An Airborne soldier greets a horse on LZ-N A Universal Carrier on DZ-N on the 10th June

Pic_BourgNeuf1.jpg (29850 bytes) An aerial reconnaissance photo looking towards DZ-N at Ranville An aerial photograph showing DZ-N on the 24th March 1944 The western edge of DZ-N Gliders on DZ-N

An aerial view of DZ-N An aerial photograph taken on the 17th June 1944 An aerial photograph showing the bridges, Ranville and LZ-N An aerial photograph of LZ-N



Looking towards Bréville from the edge of DZ-N Looking towards the Bois de Bavent from the edge of DZ-N Looking across DZ-N towards Bréville