A German machine-gun post on the Atlantic Wall A look-out post on the Atlantic Wall A simple machine-gun position on the Vaches Noires cliffs Part of the Atlantic Wall at Auberville Beach obstacles at Arromanches, Gold Beach

An anti-tank ditch on one of the beaches Generalfeldmarshal Erwin Rommel inspecting beach defences



Allied warships heading for Normandy Landing Craft Infantry vessels carrying US troops sail to Normandy A ship crammed with transport vehicles on its way to Normandy A US Navy Battleship firing on one of the American beaches shortly before H-Hour The USS Nevada bombarding targets on the shore with its 14-inch guns

The Armada


Soldiers of the 50th Division arriving on Gold Beach Men of the 50th (Northumbrian) Division inspecting a wrecked artillery emplacement on Gold Beach The Mulberry harbour at Arromanches, Gold Beach

Gold Beach


Canadians aboard one of the LCI's bound for Juno Canadian LCA's waiting off Juno Beach The 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade comes ashore on Juno Beach

Juno Beach


An LCA racing towards Omaha Beach Troops of the 1st Infantry Division about to land on Omaha Beach American infantry struggle ashore on Omaha Beach Soldiers help the survivors of a sunk landing craft ashore Soldiers helping the survivors of a sunk LCA ashore

Wounded of the 1st Division on Omaha Beach Allied shipping bringing masses of troops and vehicles ashore on Omaha on the 6th June Ships unloading troops and supplies onto Omaha Beach Omaha Beach on the 7th June

Omaha Beach


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Troops of the 4th Division make their way onto Utah Beach The 4th Division on Utah Beach Polish and Czech prisoners of war on Utah Beach A B-26 Marauder flying over Utah Beach after a bombing mission

Utah Beach


The Beachmaster on one of the British sectors directs trucks off the beach



German prisoners of war