Georges Gondrée Georges Gondrée in 1946

Georges Gondrée


Thérèse Gondrée

Thérèse Gondrée


A map of the area in which Gaston Le Baron lived The house of the Le Baron family The agricultural bridge over the River Dives A farm building where the paratroopers sheltered One of the buildings that the paratroopers hid in

The lane where Lieutenant Nicholls and his men were captured The house in which Lieutenant Nicholls was tortured The house in which Gaston Le Baron and Albert Livesey hid Gaston meeting Reg Livesey, brother of Albert, in 2003 Lieutenant Nicholls and Jimmy James reunited

Gaston with Jimmy James and Lieutenant Nicholls Gaston being honoured by the Parachute Regiment at Le Mensil in 2004 Gaston Le Baron in 2004

Gaston Le Baron