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01/09/17Photo Gallery: Private Frank Hynam (12th Devons) added.


21/07/17 - Photo Gallery: CSM Frank Stoddart (9th Battalion) added.


04/07/17 - Photo Gallery: 1 photo added to Ranville.


28/04/17 - Photo Gallery: Private Robert Hendrie (225th Parachute Field Ambulance) and Corporal John Corbett (Independent Company) added.


10/04/17 - Photo Gallery: 4 photos (1, 2, 3, 4) added, and Private Harry Kruyer (12th Devons) added.


07/04/17 - Photo Gallery: 35 photos of 570 Squadron added.


28/03/17 - Reports: Operation Overlord: An Account of the Part taken by No.1 Special Service Brigade updated. Photo Gallery: Driver William Kirk (286th Field Park Coy) added.


06/03/17 - The Pegasus Archive War Diary Collection added.


30/01/17 - Biographies: Warrant Officer Clarence Dixon (48 Squadron) added.


23/01/17 - Photo Gallery: Private Alfred Rollason (3rd Para Brigade HQ) added.


14/11/16 - Biographies: Lance-Corporal Arthur William Ward (No.4 Commando) added. Photo Gallery: Major D. Mayfield (12th Battalion) and Sergeant Albert Lawrence Guest (4th Anti-Tank Battery) added.


31/08/16 - Photo Gallery: 1 photo of Sergeant Eric James Rutherford Lindores (Independent Company) added.


08/07/16 - Photo Gallery: Sergeant George Richard La Croix (1st Canadian Para Battalion), Bombardier William Whitney, Gunner Douglas Stanley (both 3rd Anti-Tank Battery) and Private John Aldred (13th Battalion) added.


15/06/16 - Biographies: Private Dennis Wise (9th Battalion) added.


05/05/16 - Biographies: Trooper Ted George (Recce Regiment) added. Photo Gallery: 3 photos of Corporal John Porter (Recce Regiment) added.