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6th Airborne Division

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1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Headquarters Company

A Living History Group. Includes a thorough history, Roll of Honour and equipment details.


1st Canadian Parachute Battalion in Holland

A history of the Battalion's actions in Holland, January and February 1945.


3rd Parachute Brigade

Excellent website about the Brigade. Includes detailed histories, veteran's memories, and a lot of information about airborne equipment.


A Coy, 7th (L.I.) Parachute Battalion

Includes a history of the battalion, veterans accounts and equipment details.


Airborne History Canada


Aircrew Remembered

Glider Pilot Regiment fatalities database


The Airborne Soldier

About the British Airborne at Arnhem and in Normandy


Go To It Gunners

The Royal Artillery units of the 6th Airborne Division


Liberation de Honfleur

French site (translate with Contains information on the 6th Airborne Division, 1st Belgian Brigade, and the 60th Anniversary in 2004.


The Merville Battery

A detailed account of the assault upon the Battery.


Parachute Regiment War Dead, Buried in France

Contains names and basic details of all members of the Airborne Forces buried in France. Includes photographs of most headstones.




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British Commandos

Brief descriptions of Commando raids and Special Operations, including the Parachute Regiment's Bruneval and Tragino Aqueduct Raids.


Combined Operations

Large site about Combined Operations, includes History No.4 Commando and descriptions of D-Day landings.


No.6 Commando

Listing the members of the Commando from 1940 to 1945.



1st Belgian Brigade

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Brigade Piron

An excellent site on the Belgian Brigade. Includes a history of the Brigade, a detailed Order of Battle, veterans accounts, gallantry awards and photographs.


The Dutch & Belgian Independent Brigade Groups 1944-45

Brief history, order of battle, and vehicle markings.



Princess Irene Brigade

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The Dutch & Belgian Independent Brigade Groups 1944-45

Brief history, order of battle, and vehicle markings.


Fotopagina Prinses Irene Brigade

Dutch site. Includes general photos and brief history.


Princess Irene Brigade

Dutch language site with some English translations. Contains a detailed history of the Brigade.




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Includes maps and photographs of areas of the Atlantic Wall, also RAF bases in England.


The Atlantic Wall in France 1940-1944

German coastal defences in France.


Battle for Normandy Animation Project


D-Day: Etat des Lieux

A French website. Includes a description of D-Day and photographs of the Merville Battery and Pegasus Bridge.


D-Day, Normandy and Beyond

Contains many veterans accounts.


D-Day Pictures

Contains several pictures of the D-Day landings, and many others covering different aspects of the War.


Exposition Normandy 44

D-Day exhibition.


A database of information and photographs of all servicemen killed in Normandy.


Normandie 44

A site about the Normandy landings.


Normandie Memoire

Contains a thorough history and commemoration details.


Normandy 1944

The Encyclopaedia Britannica's history of the campaign, including personal accounts.


Outline of Operation Overlord

US Army website. Outlines Operation Overlord and discusses the challenges it posed.


Photos Normandie

Hundreds of excellent photos of the Normandy campaign.


French site. "Picauville Remembers".


Resistance 44


The SNAFU Special

The extraordinary history of Dakota 19539, 440th US Troop Carrier Group, now on display at the Merville Battery.


True Loyals

The story of the 92nd (Loyals) LAA Regiment, RA, a troop from which defended the Ranville and Bénouville Bridges.


War Chronicle : D-Day

Accurately describes the actions of units, down to Battalion-level, on D-Day.



British Airborne

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Para Data

The archive of the British Airborne Forces.


196 Squadron

History and photographs of the Squadron.


3rd Bn Parachute Regiment - Palestine 1945-1948

Contains hundreds of photographs of the Battalion's service in Palestine.


4 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers

An excellent site about the history of the 4th Para Squadron throughout World War 2.


Allied Special Forces Association - Memorial Grove

A Roll of Honour site.


The Assault Glider Project

Sister site of the above. Builders of life sized replica gliders.


The Glider Pilot Regiment 1942 - 1945

A history of the Regiment during the war.


RAF WWII 38 Group Squadrons Reunited

Includes Roll of Honour, Squadron histories, veterans stories, and a message board for veterans.


Special Forces Roll Of Honour

A Roll of Honour site.




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Battle of Arnhem 1944 Monument Site

A tour of the principal landmarks and monuments around the Arnhem area.


Glory in Defeat - Russian only

A Russian site about Operation Market Garden

Andries Hoekstra's long standing and award winning website about Market Garden. Includes a veteran's memories section, and lists of all the 1st Airborne's dead.


Operatie Market Garden in de Provincies Brabant en Gelderland - Dutch only

A Dutch site about Operation Market Garden


Operation Market Garden

A site about Market Garden. Includes an appeal to locate a soldier of XXX Corps.


Operation Market Garden - The Complete Story

An excellent site describing the whole of Market Garden. Contains very detailed accounts of noteworthy actions, a wealth of equipment information, and also its own discussion forum.




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The German Armed Forces, 1919-1945. Excellent site. Includes detailed unit histories.



General World War 2

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Aircrew Remembered


Chindit Chasing, Operation Longcloth 1943


Ecos da Segunda Guerra

Brazilian website about the Second World War.


Military History Encyclopedia on the Web

Covers all theatres and periods of military history. Includes biographies and equipment.


The Pathfinder Year - 97 Squadron at Bourn


Wartime Press


World War 2 Photofinder


World War II Brazil


World War II Plus 55

An excellent site. A day by day history of World War 2.


An excellent links site.




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Airborne Assault

The Museum of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces, at the Imperial War Museum Duxford.


The Museum of Army Flying

Based in Hampshire. Contains a collection of gliders.


Pegasus Memorial Museum



Parachute Regimental Association

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The Airborne Engineers Association


British Airborne Forces Association (Vic) Inc.

Contains many excellent and vivid accounts by veterans.


British Airborne Forces (N.Z.) Inc.


Ex-Red Devil's Worldwide

Contains many Airborne related pages.


Leicester Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association


Lothian Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association

Contains a number of veterans stories.


Parachute 2 Club

Membership is open to all Past & Present Parachute trained personnel who served at anytime in or with the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. Includes a complete 2 Para Roll of Honour.


Pudsey Paras

The Bradford Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association.


The Royal Cornwall Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association

Under construction.



Living History Groups

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3rd Parachute Brigade

Excellent website about the Brigade. Includes detailed histories, veteran's memories, and a lot of information about airborne equipment.


89 / 317 Field Security Sections


A Coy, 7th (L.I.) Parachute Battalion

Includes a history of the battalion, veterans accounts and equipment details.


1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Headquarters Company

A Living History Group. Includes a thorough history, Roll of Honour and equipment details.


C Company, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalionn Living History Unit

Includes a detailed history and photographs.


Royal Ulster Rifles World War 2 Living History Group




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3rd Parachute Battalion Palestine 1945-1948

Reuniting men of the 3rd Battalion who served in Palestine.


43rd & 52nd Old Comrades

A mailing list for veterans of the 43rd and 52nd (1st and 2nd Battalion The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry).


Airborne Assault Normandy Trust


Commando Veterans Association

Contains a great deal of information on Commando units.


The Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Defence Postal & Courier Services Veterans' Association


Help For Heroes

Supporting wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Merville Battery Association


The Royal British Legion



Battlefield Tours

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Battle Honours

Battlefield tours of, amongst other places, Normandy, Pegasus Bridge, and Arnhem.


D-Day Normandy Tours


In the Footsteps, Battlefield Tours


Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Books and Battlefield Maps


War History 1944 Battlefield Tours

Tours of the 1944 battlefields of France and the Low Countries, including Normandy, Market Garden, and the Battle of Bulge.




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A D-Day Tribute: Leslie Holmes 1914 - 1944

A page dedicated to the memory of a member of No.45 (Royal Marine) Commando.


Best Seat In The House

The D-Day account of Bob "Tex" Schalit, pilot of an aircraft in 570 Squadron.


David Winser: Poet, Oarsman, Novelist, Soldier

The Medical Officer of No.48 (Royal Marine) Commando, killed at Walcheren in November 1944.


Operation Paddle

Information on Harold Sands and the 13th Battalion.


Powditch Family History

Lt-Colonel R.V. Powditch, commander of the 6th Airborne Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.


Stanley Cairns

A glider pilot and veteran of Dunkirk, Normandy and Arnhem.


Wally Parr, héros de Pegasus Bridge - French only

A tribute to Wally Parr, who participated in the coup-de-main raid on Pegasus Bridge.




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British WW2 Airborne Militaria

High quality pictures of the fighting knife carried by paratroopers and commandos. Also includes Airborne clothing.


The Decoy Paratrooper Dummy History Site

A history of dummy paratroopers, such as the Rupert dummies used on D-Day.


The Enigma Machine

Links to numerous detailed websites.


The Handley-Page HALIFAX

Contains technical details as well as histories and a Roll of Honour of Halifax squadrons.


The RAF Short Stirling Bomber Homepage

Excellent site on the bomber.


Signals Collection '40-'45

Details of Allied radio equipment throughout the war, including the airborne's Type 19, 22, and 68 sets.


The Stirling Project

Contains images and diagrams.


The Vickers Machine Gun

A great deal of information about the famous machine gun.

The Wireless Set No.19 Homepage

A large site about the military and civilian service of the Type 19 radio set.



Other Sites

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Army Clothing

Military Regimental Badges for T Shirts Caps Fleeces, vests, corporate shirts.

UK Armed Forces reunion site.


Dan's World War II Travels & Sites Of Interest

Genealogy directory, provide genus information and resources.


Extreme Flight Thrills: Parachuting and Sky Diving Links

Fascinating resource on modern parachuting methods.


The largest dedicated UK database of Forces and Ex-Forces Personnel on the web, run by Ex-Forces Personnel.


Historic Newspapers

A immense record of historic newspapers and a blog describing key events.


History Quiz

Challenging quizzes courtesy of DK Books.


Hitler's Third Reich and World War II in the News

Second World War articles.


Lost contact? Ever wondered what your old colleagues are up to? The safe, secure and completely free way to get back in touch.


Neil Barber

The author of numerous excellent airborne-themed books.


Nga Toa

Meaning "Many Warriors" in Maori. A project dedicated to preserving the oral histories of New Zealand’s last remaining World War II veterans.


Uniform Dating

USA, UK and Commonwealth dating service for those in uniform.


Uniform Dating for Forces and Army Personnel

Forces dating, Armed Forces Singles dating Site Offering Free Personals for Armed Forces Personnel throughout the World.

Official US Department of Defense military medals and service ribbons.


Wear Your Poppy With Pride Campaign


World War II Connection sells signed World War Two books and prints.