Sergeant Kenneth Stephen Skidmore


Unit : 6th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment

Army No. : 3654158

Awards : Military Medal


On 21st August this NCO was commanding a reconnaissance patrol consisting of a carrier, a jeep and two motorcycles was ordered to obtain information regarding depth and flanks of the enemy's position in the Beuvron en Auge area.


The country was difficult, with high banks, thick hedges and narrow lanes. The enemy was well sited and covered with a protective screen of machine gun and anti-tank guns which was difficult to penetrate. By skill and perseverance this NCO led his patrol deep into the enemy position, located his main defences and found the flanks. In the course of this action two of his patrol of eight men were killed and he himself was wounded but he continued with his task until the information was complete and he had extricated his force.


Whilst withdrawing he came into contact with another friendly patrol who were in difficulties. He unhesitatingly went to their rescue and helped recover their wounded. Only when he had passed on his very valuable information regarding the enemy positions and flanks did he allow himself to be evacuated. Sergeant Skidmore's skill, calm fortitude when suffering from wounds and devotion to duty were an inspiration to all. The information he gained had a material effect on the conduct of the battle and the example he set to his comrades was reflected in many of their subsequent actions.


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