Sergeant John William Dobson


Unit : "B" Company, 12th Parachute Battalion.

Army No. : 4395919

Awards : Military Medal


At Pont L'Eveque on 22nd August 1944, when his platoon commander was killed, Sergeant Dobson immediately took command of the platoon. In the face of intensive enemy cross fire from both flanks he reorganised his platoon, and without hesitation led them forwards towards the objective, gaining several hundred yards of ground. Later when the whole company was pinned by fire, up to their waists in water for 7 hours, his gallantry and cheerfulness were an inspiration to all ranks. When darkness fell and he was ordered to withdraw his platoon, he did so under the most trying conditions under fire from Machine Guns on fixed lines and snipers. It was thanks to his gallantry and leadership on this occasion that a large proportion of his company were withdrawn with so few casualties. This NCO throughout the whole period 1st to 23rd August 1944 showed unsurpassed qualities of gallantry and cheerfulness. He is a born leader whom men will follow anywhere. Under the worst conditions it is impossible to damp his infectious cheerfulness and enthusiasm, and his personal gallantry has been an example to all ranks.


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