Sergeant John Sanderson


Unit : 9th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 6976552

Awards : Military Medal


Sergeant Sanderson of 9th Parachute Battalion was a prisoner in enemy hands at Breville. He had been dropped on the night 6th/7th June 1944 right on the German position. No.6 Commando 1 Special Service Brigade at Le Plein asked for an artillery concentration on Breville on the morning of 7th June. During the shelling Sergeant Sanderson escaped and came into 6 Commando lines with full details of the German defence plan. A plan for attack was immediately made and with artillery and mortar support three troops of 6 Commando assaulted Breville, capturing four field guns, two 20mm dual purpose guns, and killing or capturing the garrison. Twenty four prisoners were taken. The Commando suffered one casualty. Sergeant Sanderson fought in the assault with great courage. Much of the credit for the success of the attack belongs to him. His initiative and devotion to duty were only equalled by his dash and gallantry.


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