Major John Lee


Unit : No.46 (Royal Marine) Commando

Awards : Military Cross


Major John Lee was Second-in-Command of No.46 Commando. For his actions on the 11th June, before coming under the command of the 6th Airborne Division, he was awarded the Military Cross. His citation reads:


This officer was given the task of leading the assault of two forward troops during the attack on Le Hamel on 11th June. The assault had to move over 400 yards of open ground including the crossing of two obstacles. The forward troops were under fire, particularly from the flanks. The success of the assault was largely due to the magnificent leadership showed by Major Lee who moved in front of the main wave. In the subsequent street fighting Major Lee was always in front; he showed sound judgement and enterprise.


Major Lee was killed during the heavy fighting around Beuzeville on the 25th August 1944.


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