Sergeant John Goodall


Unit : "B" Company, 13th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 14632835

Awards : Military Medal


On the 23rd August 1944, 'B' Company was in the forefront of an attack against a strong German rearguard holding the crossing over the river Touques in the burning village of Pont L'Eveque. Sergeant Goodall was second in command of a section detailed to attack a house on the other side of a street in Pont L'Eveque which the enemy was holding in strength. During the attack the section came under accurate fire from the right flank and Sergeant Goodall and two others were wounded. Still under heavy fire Sergeant Goodall bandaged his comrades and took them to safety, one at a time. He then went forward alone and disregarding his own wounds charged across open ground and silenced the enemy machine gun with his Sten. Not until the end of the action were his own wounds dressed. Sergeant Goodall's actions and leadership throughout were in the highest traditions of the Parachute Regiment.


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