Private Joe Millward receiving his Military Medal from Field Marshal Montgomery on the 1st September 1944

Private Joe Millward


Unit : "B" Company, 9th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 266521

Awards : Military Medal


Le Plein and St Come. 6th June and 12th June 1944.


Private Millward was a member of a rifle section. On the evening of 6th June 1944 the Battalion was holding part of the village of Le Plein, and was being sniped and mortared by the enemy. Private Millward was wounded in the face by shrapnel but refused to leave his post.


On 12th June 1944 the Battalion was heavily attacked at St Come by enemy infantry, self-propelled [guns] and tanks. Private Millward's section was part of the defence of a road leading into the Battalion position. An enemy tank engaged his post at very short range, and Private Millward's three companions were killed and Private Millward was wounded again. Despite this Private Millward refused to leave his post until the tank was driven off by Anti-Tank guns.


By his courage, determination and lack of consideration for his own wounds Private Millward set an example that inspired the remainder of his company.


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