Lieutenant-Colonel James Louis Moulton


Unit : Commando Headquarters, No.48 (Royal Marine) Commando

Awards : Distinguished Service Order


On 6th June 1944 at St Aubin Sur Mer, 48 (Royal Marine) Commando after a rough night at sea landed in deep water. During the approach to the beach two out of the six craft were sunk. On landing, the Commando came under aimed machine gun and mortar fire. In this difficult situation Lieutenant-Colonel Moulton set a high example of courage and coolness. He collected and organised his Commando under fire, led them from the beach to the assembly area, a route which had not been cleared and started his advance to Langrune Sur Mer with the minimum of delay. From then on his determination and personal courage were the decisive factors which led to the rapid capture of Langrune Sur Mer and the destruction of the enemy strongpoint in the face of stiff enemy resistance. By the end of the action the Commando was reduced to 50% of its strength but was still an organised and effective fighting force.


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