Lieutenant Isaac Goldstein


Unit : No.1 Section, "A" Troop, No.47 (Royal Marine) Commando

Awards : Military Cross


Lieutenant Goldstein was awarded the Military Cross for actions that took place before the 4th Special Service Brigade was attached to the 6th Airborne Division.


During the attack on Port en Bessin on 7th June, A Troop had to assault through belts of wire and mines up the eastern feature overlooking the port.


Lieutenant Goldstein moved forward and blew a gap in the wire with a bangalore. The force of this explosion blew him at least 30 yards backwards down the hill. He quickly pulled himself together and went into the assault with A Troop. He inspired the men by his example and courage of a high order and later, when wounded in the head and arm, refused medical attention until the other wounded had been treated.


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