Lieutenant Gordon Charles George Philo


Unit : 224th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC

Service No. 179980

Awards : Military Cross


On June 6th 1944 at Varaville/France 1/50,000 Sheet 7F/2 Map ref 184758 this officer was largely responsible for rallying the Field Ambulance personnel who were widely dispersed over this area following the drop. He led them safely through enemy infested country and finally found, and came under the protection of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion.


On the night of the same day, when patients at the Main Dressing Station at Le Mesnil numbered 64 and there was no means of transport, he proceeded to Breville with 4 other ranks and captured 5 German vehicles and 1 motor cycle together with 63 German soldiers who gave themselves up. The capture of this transport meant the rapid collection of wounded from all over the Brigade Area and directly resulted in saving of many lives.


Since then he had acted as liaison officer between the Assistant Director Medical Services and myself and has controlled the evacuation of casualties to 3rd Infantry Division. In the course of these duties he has been, on several occasions, under mortar and Machine Gun fire. At all times he has shown outstanding qualities of leadership and set a high example of courage and devotion to duty to the men under his command.


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