Lieutenant Frederick John Bland


Unit : 716th Light Composite Company, RASC

Service No. : 284108

Awards : Military Cross


Lieutenant Bland landed by parachute with his RASC unit behind the enemy lines on night 5th/6th June - shortly after landing his Commanding Officer was wounded leaving Lieutenant Bland in command.


During 6th June Lieutenant Bland held the command of his unit which was continually in contact with the enemy; under fire for most of the time he organised the slender resources at his disposal as to ensure that ammunition, so vital to the successful issue of the Battle, was at all times available for units and this in spite of the fact that the ammunition carrying aircraft had distributed their loads over a wide area, infested by enemy.


The twenty-four year old Lieutenant Bland was subsequently promoted to Captain, but was killed in action on the 22nd June 1944.


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